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Coast handlebars pointing down red dirt road in central Oregon




Frost on sleeping quilt near Williamson
Cold hiker eats oatmeal on Mt Whitney summit

Meet Your Guide

Outdoor adventures and off-the-beaten-track travel have been my paths to confidence, contentment, and a deeper understanding of the world and myself. I created Exploring Wild to help others discover the power of these experiences.

Everything on this website is based on extensive personal experience and careful research. You can trust that I’ve been there, done that, and learned from some mistakes.

I’m introverted, nerdy, and more risk-averse than you might think. I have cranky knees and hate being cold. I used to think all this stuff was only for people braver and tougher than me. If I can do it, so can you! Read more here.

~ Alissa, creator of Exploring Wild

Explore by Bike

Total immersion at pedal-powered pace.


Bikes & Parts


Rides & Routes


Bikepacker’s Companion eBook

There for you when things go sideways in the middle of nowhere.

Explore on Foot

Quiet trails, gorgeous views, dusty footsteps.

Two ultralight bivvies and other backpacking gear at small campsite under tree



Hand is holding a Smartwater bottle in a stream to fill it up


Explore the Trails

Arizona Trail

Colorado Trail

John Muir Trail

Tahoe Rim Trail

Backpacking Trails

Day Hikes

Steep "trail" on Bintumani

International Hikes

Explore the World

Culture, connection, beauty.

West Africa

North Africa

East Africa

Southeast Asia

Western USA


More Adventure

Welcome, explorer!

If you pore over maps for fun, sleep better outside, and need to know what’s around the next bend,
if your mind grows calmer when your body is in motion,
if the world is vast and life is too short…

This is for you.

Resources and inspiration to support your wildest dreams:

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