View of coastal mountains from Cone Peak in Big Sur

Cone Peak Hiking Guide: From Sea to Sky Near Big Sur

Hiking Cone Peak might be the most spectacular thing you can do in the Big Sur area, and that’s saying a lot. Here’s a detailed guide to four different Cone Peak hiking routes.

Koh Ker Temples in Cambodia

The peaceful temples at Koh Ker are a lovely change of pace from the mass tourism of Cambodia’s larger sites. Here’s how to visit them.

Solo female cyclist riding in Sudan

Cycling Sudan: Route, Map, and Tips

In early 2020 I rode my bicycle through northern Sudan. Here are route notes, tips, and pictures from a challenging and rewarding journey.

9 Ways to Carry Water While Bikepacking

It might seem tricky to carry enough water on your bike for multi-day bikepacking trips, but there are actually a LOT of options. Here’s a full rundown.

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