Bearikade Expedition bear canister half full of backpacking food

Bearikade Expedition Bear Canister: Long-Term Review

If you need a really big bear canister, the Bearikade Expedition should be at the top of your list. Here’s a review to help you decide if all the fancy carbon fiber is worth your money.

Women's advocacy group near Kasese

What Travelers Need to Know About Ugandan Culture

Travel in Uganda will keep you on your toes – in a good way – as you soak up the energy and try to decode the culture. Get a head start with these 14 things every visitor to Uganda needs to know.

The Messy Truth About Safety for Solo Female Travelers

This isn’t your typical solo female travel safety article. Let’s dive into the messy truth about harassment and assault so we can build a framework for rationally assessing and reacting to risk.

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