Koh Ker Temples in Cambodia

The peaceful temples at Koh Ker are a lovely change of pace from the mass tourism of Cambodia’s larger sites. Here’s how to visit them.

Solo female cyclist riding in Sudan

Cycling Sudan: Route, Map, and Tips

In early 2020 I rode my bicycle through northern Sudan. Here are route notes, tips, and pictures from a challenging and rewarding journey.

9 Ways to Carry Water While Bikepacking

It might seem tricky to carry enough water on your bike for multi-day bikepacking trips, but there are actually a LOT of options. Here’s a full rundown.

Two bikepacking bikes leaning against fence while gravity water filter drips into water bottle

Water Filters for Bikepacking and Bicycle Travel

There’s no single best water filter for bikepacking, but this guide will help you choose the right option for you based on location, trip length, packing style, and more.

Maliville Bureau du Tourisme

How to Travel West Africa on a Budget

Essential tips for traveling in West Africa on a budget, especially for those seeking off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Taxis being loaded in Makeni Sierra Leone

My West Africa Packing List

Travel in West Africa can be tricky to pack for, but don’t worry. Here’s my West Africa packing list from 3 months exploring 5 countries.

Tips for Bicycle Touring Abroad

Excited by the idea of a bicycle tour abroad? Here are 8 tips for a smooth trip from someone who adores international bike travel.

Where to Go Hiking in West Africa

West Africa isn’t exactly a famous hiking destination, but for those drawn to this complex part of the world, these are the trails to check out.

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