Salsa Fargo vs. Surly Ogre: Detailed Comparison

The Surly Ogre and Salsa Fargo are both designed for hauling cargo and having adventures on unpaved roads. This comparison breaks down the differences and similarities to help you choose between two great bikes.

Salsa Fargo vs. Cutthroat: Detailed Comparison

The Cutthroat and Fargo are two different bikes from Salsa optimized for long-distance mixed-terrain riding. Which is best for your bikepacking goals? This side-by-side comparison will help you choose.

Ridge Merino Solstice Sun Hoodie Long-Term Review

This fall I chose the Solstice Lightweight Hoody from Ridge Merino for a big bikepacking trip in the American West. The Western Wildlands section ride followed dirt roads through the plains of southern Idaho, the high plateaus of Utah, and the barren desert of northern Arizona. The month-long adventure included …

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