Tips for Bicycle Touring Abroad

I’m passionate about bicycle travel as a form of learning: about myself and about the world. When I travel by bike in an unfamiliar country, learning is mandatory. I learn how I look through the eyes of the locals, how I feel amongst them and their culture, how my own culture differs in so many subtle (or not so subtle) ways. The sense of perspective can be literally life changing.

So when Adventure Cycling Association expressed interest in publishing a piece about bicycle touring abroad, I jumped at the chance. OF COURSE I want to help more people plan and execute an amazing bicycle tour in the country of their dreams.

But as I sat down to write, I realized I had a tough job on my hands. The world, it turns out, is a huge place! I struggled to distill what I’ve learned on individual trips into generalized advice. Every country is different, every traveler is different, every journey is different. An American bicycle touring in Kenya is going to have a very different experience from a Kenyan bicycle touring in America!

I tried though, and the result is right here on the Adventure Cycling Association Blog: 8 Tips for Bicycle Touring Abroad.

It won’t all apply to every trip, but perhaps it’s enough to offer a taste to those curious about embarking on their first international bike tour. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Read the full article on Adventure Cycling Association’s blog:

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