Bicycle Travel Interviews: Adventure, Fear, and Traveling Solo While Married

Recently I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Olivia of This gutsy, inspiring lady is making it her mission to get more women traveling on bicycles despite the cultural fears and assumptions that threaten to hold many of us back.

I couldn’t be more supportive of her mission. I’ve learned so much by traveling on my bike – both about the world around me and within me – that I’m a strong believer in its power. It took some nudging from others for me to first realize it was possible, and now I hope to help nudge others in the same direction. Olivia is providing a fantastic forum for women to do exactly that.

We ended up with two separate posts focused on different topics, both near and dear to my heart. Check them out below, along with the rest of Olivia’s incredibly informative and inspiring site.

Solo Travels & A Happy Marriage

I’m happily married, but I’ve spent nearly half of the last 16 months on solo adventures to Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Patagonia. How the heck does that work??

Find out in this interview: Solo Travels & A Happy Marriage: Finding the Balance

Overcoming Fear on Your First Bicycle Tour

I wish I could say I never feel afraid when I travel alone, especially via such a vulnerable method as a bicycle, but it would be a lie. I put a lot of mental energy into understanding risk, differentiating it from fear, and making good decisions on the road.

I believe the world is a much friendlier place than most of us are conditioned to believe. But I still have a lifetime of social conditioning to overcome, and much of that conditioning tells me I should feel afraid when I’m out in the world alone.

Learn more in this interview: Get to Know Your Hesitation: Overcoming Fear on Your First Bicycle Tour

Bicycle leaning against cattle guard on gravel road in remote Patagonia

More From Olivia

While you’re there, make sure to check out Olivia’s helpful resources page for bicycle travelers, and her blog full of inspiring stories from female bike travelers.

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2 thoughts on “Bicycle Travel Interviews: Adventure, Fear, and Traveling Solo While Married”

  1. Really enjoyed reading your interviews! I am not quite as adventurous as you, but I used to love travelling by myself! Eventually, meeting someone, finances, life, and a nervous rescue dog meant solo travel happened less frequently. I love travelling with my partner (he is my favourite) but over the next few months, I have some time, and he doesn’t, so I am going to take a few trips! I am in my early 30s too, and the itch for the world is back (with time and money to follow through!)! I share your belief that the world is a much friendlier place than people think; I have experienced extraordinary kindness in so many places. (I dare say much more kindness and patience than I have experienced in the US, the country I am originally from).


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