Bikepacking Gift Ideas for All Budgets: 44 Useful Things We Actually Want

Looking for gift ideas for that special bikepacker in your life? Lucky you! Bikepacking is a gear-intensive hobby and there are tons of practical and interesting items bikepackers would love to receive as gifts.

Here’s the thing though: we bikepackers are usually trying to carry less stuff, not more. Stuff is heavy! And the stuff we do carry is often specific to our particular bike, style of riding, and personal preferences.

My goal with this gift list is to offer ideas that a majority of bikepackers will actually use and love. We’re a diverse bunch, but I’ve spent enough time around other bikepackers to know what’s popular. I’ve also bikepacked many thousands of miles and received many bikepacking-related gifts from my family (these days I give them a wishlist full of specifics, which makes us all happy). Most of the bikepacking gifts on this list are items I personally use and love.

Before we jump in, a couple general tips for choosing gifts for bikepackers:

  • If you feel comfortable, ask them what they need! They probably have a wishlist of coveted gear in their heads or even written down.
  • When buying a specific piece of gear, camping equipment, or clothing without knowing if it’s needed, make sure it’s returnable. Include a gift receipt so they can exchange it themselves, or make it very clear that you’ll help them return it and they can use the money to buy something else.

When you buy through affiliate links in this post, I may earn a small commission. Thanks for your support! I always offer unbiased opinions based on real experience from the road and trail. Learn more.

Affordable Gift Ideas (Under $30)

These affordable bikepacking gift ideas are exactly the type of small but valuable items we bikepackers love most. Give one, stuff a stocking with several, or combine with a more expensive idea below for a bikepacking-themed gift basket.

Buff Headwear

Bikepackers can never have enough of these handy tubular accessories. They’re headbands, sweat bands, dust masks, pillow cases, ear warmers, and so much more. Choose a fun pattern that suits your favorite bikepacker’s vibe.

Wilderness Wipes

These compressed wipes rehydrate with a few drops of water, making them a fun and lightweight addition to any backcountry hygiene kit. Help your favorite bikepacker stay clean out there.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets

Most bikepackers already have a favorite water filter, but chlorine dioxide tablets make a great emergency backup or ultralight standalone. Nothing shows you care like a gift that says “I don’t want you to get explosive diarrhea.”

Vapur Portable Flask

Perfect for the fun-loving bikepacker who appreciates both a lightweight setup and a bit of whisky around the campfire.

Reusable Ziplock Pouches

An ideal gift for the sustainability-focused bikepacker, these reusable ziplock pouches are perfect for packing snacks and dried meal ingredients without disposable single-use plastic bags.

Platypus SoftBottle Flexible Water Bottle

This handy 1 liter bottle folds down to nearly nothing when empty, making it perfect for extra water capacity or while traveling to a rad bikepacking destination.

Bicycle Chain Jewelry

Help your favorite bikepacker fly their bike-loving flag with creative handmade jewelry using recycled bike parts. Etsy offers a huge range of fun options.

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape

Every bikepacker should have a few inches of this gear repair tape in their kit. I’ve used it on more items than I care to think of – rain clothing, bikepacking bags, inflatable sleeping pad, down sleeping bag – and it’s never failed me. The clear color is most versatile.

Insulated Food Pouch and Cooking Cozy

If your bikepacker cooks dehydrated meals on their trips, they’ll love this ultralight cozy to help their food rehydrate faster and stay warm longer. The medium size is most versatile.

The Wordless Travel Book

The perfect small gift for bikepackers who travel to far-flung places for their rides, this durable little picture book helps people communicate across language barriers by pointing at pictures.

Toe and Hand Warmers

If your favorite bikepacker rides in cold weather these are worth their weight in gold. Help them stay warm and cozy on the trail or in their tent.

Bikepacker’s Companion eBook

Shameless plug, but perhaps your bikepacking friend or loved one would enjoy my bikepacking eBook. It’s a mobile-friendly PDF download packed with tips and troubleshooting tricks for all the wacky situations that tend to come up while bikepacking.

Bike Peddler Helmet / Eyeglass Mirror

Show you care by helping your friend or loved one stay safe while bikepacking. This lightweight mirror will help them see what’s coming up behind when riding a busy road. It clips to a helmet or sunglasses so you don’t have to wonder whether it’s compatible with their handlebars. I never hit the road without it!

8 Piece Bike Cleaning Tool Kit

Bikepackers have a close bond with our trusty steeds, and we’ll enjoy using these specialty tools to show our ride some love when the old toothbrush isn’t quite getting the job done.

How to Shit in the Woods

Get a laugh and help them learn a valuable Leave No Trace skill by gifting this classic little book.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack

These ultralight dry bags are great for keeping electronics and clothes dry within outer bikepacking bags. The 4 and 8 liter sizes are the most versatile.

Nikwax Hardshell Cleaning and Waterproofing

Sooner or later, every bikepacker will need to refresh the waterproofing on their rain gear. This combo pack of detergent and waterproofing treatment is perfect to use at the end of each riding season to keep waterproof clothing and dry bags in top condition.

Voile Straps

Bikepackers can never have enough of these handy rubber straps for attaching gear to our bikes. We often use them in pairs, and 25″ or 32″ are versatile lengths – we can always make them shorter if needed.

RumbleRoller Extra Firm Beastie Massage Ball

It might look like a torture device, but this little tool can offer sweet relief to sore muscles after too much time in the saddle. Bikepackers can use it at home after a ride or even take it along on their next big trip.

Field Guide to the Weather

Every bikepacker eventually discovers that the weather plays a key role in their experience. Help them get better at reading the skies with this practical guidebook.

Tailwind Endurance Fuel Variety Pack

This popular endurance drink mix is packed full of electrolytes and calories and known for being easy on the stomach. It’s especially popular with folks who do bikepacking races or ride in hot weather, but anyone will appreciate having a packet or two in their bike bags for caloric emergencies.

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape – Reflective

Show you care with a gift that says “I want you to stay alive!” Every bikepacker should add a bit of this tape to their setup — bags, clothes, wheel spokes and rims, pedal cranks — for those times when they’re stuck riding after dark on a busy road (it happens). Bonus: it’s easy to cut into fun shapes.

Bikepacking Adventure Books

When we can’t be out bikepacking, reading about other people’s bike adventures is the next best thing. Many are available on Kindle and some even have Audible versions, if that’s how your bikepacker likes to roll. A few of my personal favorites:

You can also find a big list organized by place and riding style at BikeSleepBike.

Mid-Range Gift Ideas ($30 – $100)

These quality items cost a little more but will deliver big value to the bikepacker on your gift list. Gift them alone or combine with a smaller item above for a fun bikepacking gift basket.

Petzl Bindi Ultra-Compact Headlamp

This clever compact design disappears into a bike bag and has all the features bikepackers love: USB recharging, several brightness levels, and a red light for preserving night vision at camp.

Sea to Summit Ultralight Day Pack

Every bikepacker should be carrying one of these deep in their bag for emergency carrying capacity, or just conveniently carrying their grocery store haul to the motel room. They might already have one, but they do wear out over time since they’re so lightweight.

PB Swiss Tools Rainbow Hex Set

They probably already have hex wrenches, but this is exactly the type of luxury upgrade they would never buy for themselves. Save them time and frustration with these quality color-coded hex wrenches in common bike sizes.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Know a bikepacker who likes to stay in touch or loves to journal while on the road? This little gadget is impressively lightweight and easy to use. I write my trip journals with it!

Snow Peak Titanium Mug

An ultralight and ultra-durable camp mug perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, or even cooking a simple solo meal directly on an ultralight stove. My husband and I received these as wedding presents ten years ago and still use them regularly!

Wolf Tooth Master Link Pliers

If your favorite bikepacker uses master links (and they really should), they’ll enjoy this lightweight gadget that makes the installation and opening process so much easier.

Ainope USB Power Bank 10000mAh

Reliable power bank in an impressively compact and lightweight package. Bikepacking-friendly features include quick charging, dual simultaneous charging, and both USB-A and USB-C compatibility.

Leatherman PS Multitool

This incredibly handy little tool has all the gadgets your bikepacker’s cycling multitool is probably missing: pliers, mini scissors, bottle opener, and more. Bonus: it’s TSA-compliant since it doesn’t have a knife, so it’s perfect for bikepackers who love to travel.

Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter

Most bikepackers already have a water filter, but this one is the lightest and most popular. If your bikepacker hasn’t tried it, they should. And if they already have one, they can tuck a new one away for when it’s time to replace the filter.

Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator 1.15L

If your favorite bikepacker runs tubeless tires (and they probably should), this tool will help them with one of the most frustrating parts of the installation. They’ll need a floor pump too; I recommend the Topeak Joe Blow Sport if they don’t already have one.

Learn more: my Airshot review

Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench Set

If they’re still tightening their bolts by feel, this torque wrench set is a luxurious upgrade and will propel their home mechanic skills to the next level.

Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves

The perfect bikepacking gift for folks who keep riding no matter the weather, these specialized gloves allow pairs of fingers to keep each other warm while still operating bike controls with ease. For me these are the only bike gloves that work when temps drop into the 40’s F or below.

Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals

These lightweight sandals make excellent camp and town shoes for weight-conscious bikepackers. They’re a bit of a splurge, which is exactly why your bikepacker will appreciate receiving them as a gift.

Revelate Designs Handlebar Harness

I hesitate to include any bikepacking bags since most bikepackers have very specific wants (be prepared to return or exchange), but this is one of the most popular and versatile handlebar carrying systems. If your bikepacker is just starting out and doesn’t have their own system already, they’ll surely appreciate it.

More Expensive Gift Ideas (Over $100)

These bikepacking gifts will make a big impression and bring your bikepacking friend or loved one many years of value. Just make sure they’re returnable; some folks might already have them or need something different.

This section would be the obvious place to include bigger ticket items like bikepacking bags, technical clothing, and camping gear. I’ve included a few popular examples to give you ideas, but I recommend asking your favorite bikepacker what they actually need. They’ll be stoked to receive exactly the thing they’ve been dreaming about.

Bikehand 37pcs Bike Repair Tool Kit

This extensive tool kit is a dream come true for bikepackers who work on their own bikes. If they’ve shown interest in getting their hands dirty but don’t yet have all the tools, this set will awaken their inner mechanic.

Bikehand Home Repair Stand

If they work on their own bike and don’t already have a work stand, they’ll love you forever when you give them this! Add a bottle of Pumice Hand Cleaner for a fun and extremely practical combo.

Jabra Elite 4 Bluetooth Wireless Active Earbuds

Not everyone likes to listen to audio while bikepacking, but for those who do this is the ultimate luxury upgrade to whatever earbuds they currently use. Bikepacking-friendly features include adjustable HearThrough mode, support for using just one earbud, and long battery life with convenient USB-rechargeable case.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad

The gold standard of lightweight sleeping pads, the NeoAir XLite packs down impressively small for its comfort and warmth. If your bikepacker doesn’t already have a sleeping pad they love, there’s a good chance they’ll be stoked about this one.

Smartwool Merino Base Layers

Clothes can be tricky (be prepared to return or exchange if it’s not the right fit), but many bikepackers love merino wool for its stink-resistance and thermoregulation properties. Smartwool is a quality brand, and their lighter weight t-shirts (for folks who don’t ride in a jersey) and half-zip long sleeve shirts (which fit over helmets) are most versatile.

Revelate Designs Terrapin 14L Seat Pack

Seat bags are hard to buy as gifts if you don’t know the details of someone’s setup, but this is a popular and high-quality option perfect for a bikepacker still building their gear library. I wouldn’t recommend it for petite riders on small bikes, since it may not fit above their rear tire.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket

This popular ultralight down jacket is a high-end gift for someone who loves to ride fast and light in mostly moderate weather. It’s not the warmest down jacket out there, but it’s impressively warm for its weight and packs down tiny — perfect for a space-constrained bikepacking setup.

Gift Cards, Subscriptions, and Donations

Not every gift needs to be a physical object. Here are some creative ideas for bikepackers who already have everything or prefer to choose their own gear.

Gift Certificate to Their Local Bike Shop

If you know their favorite local shop or mechanic, a gift certificate for repairs or bike parts will certainly be appreciated. If you can’t figure out their go-to shop, try choosing a reputable one in their town – they’ll still appreciate having somewhere local to buy parts or accessories.

REI Gift Card

Let them choose the gear they need most with a gift card to REI Co-op. REI carries a good variety of bikepacking-specific gear as well as general outdoor gear and clothing. They’re also known for their excellent return policy, inclusive culture, and commitment to protecting the environment.

Bikepacking Collective Membership

If they’re not already a member of’s Bikepacking Collective, you can gift them an annual membership that includes the printed Bikepacking Journal, access to prizes and exclusive gear, and the satisfaction of supporting a beloved resource of the bikepacking community.

Bikepacking Roots Donation

For a bikepacker who already has everything and wants to support the community, consider making a donation on their behalf to the bikepacking advocacy group Bikepacking Roots. It even comes with a thank you gift you can pass along.

Adventure Cycling Membership

If your bikepacker likes road touring and/or has ever talked about “The Great Divide,” there’s a good chance they know and love Adventure Cycling. Membership comes with a subscription to their print magazine, discounts on gear and maps, and the satisfaction of supporting America’s premier bike travel nonprofit.

Travel Fund Contribution

Gear is great, but what most of us really want is the experience of taking that gear out on the road or trail for an epic trip. Travel logistics can be expensive and any bikepacker will appreciate a contribution. Tell them it’s for a comfy hotel room, decadent meal, plane ticket to somewhere awesome, or whatever else you’d like to support.

Surely by now you’ve found the perfect bikepacking gift idea for your friend or loved one. If you’re still unsure, just ask them! They probably have their own wishlist of dream gear they’d be happy to tell you about.

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