Interactive Bikepacking Trip Planner

Intrigued by bikepacking, but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the details?

I completely understand, and I’ve been there. I’m a self-taught, jump-straight-in, cautiously adventurous lover of spreadsheets. In other words, I just might be the perfect person to guide you on this journey.

If I could sit down with you and walk you through the entire prep process, and then go riding with you, I would! This guided workbook is the closest thing I could come up with.

Bikepacker in Henry Coe Park
Hi there! I’d like to help you learn how to go bikepacking.
~ Alissa

Introducing the Trip Planner

This trip planner is a highly interactive workbook designed to walk you through all the important decisions needed to plan any type of bikepacking trip. It includes:

  • 10 interactive worksheets covering food, water, mileage, gear, bike checkup, emergency plan, and more.
  • Tips and recommendations to guide new bikepackers through prep and gear decisions.
  • Checklists for gear, bike maintenance, and logistics to make sure you won’t forget anything important.
  • Support for viewing and editing offline on your smartphone, so you can take it with you into the middle of nowhere.

Price: $10

Preview the Workbook

The workbook contains ten sections: Route, Food, Water, Sleep, Itinerary, Gear, Emergency, Bike, Coordinating with Riding Partners, and Final Checklist. Each section contains a mix of key questions to consider, tables to help organize your details, checklists for key gear and tasks, and my own personal tips and recommendations based on many thousands of bikepacking miles.

You’ll also get links to 8 editable Google Sheet templates with helpful calculations for detailed resupply planning, itinerary crafting, meal prep, and more.

This product is built in Google Docs and Sheets, so some familiarity with those programs will be helpful. It’s easy to use though, and there’s also a PDF version included for those who want to just read through without filling in your own information.

Here are previews of a few pages:

As you work through the sheets, you’ll be guided through answers to essential questions like:

How much food and water should I carry?

How far can I expect to ride each day?

What gear do I need and how do I pack it?

What sort of bailout plan do I need in order to stay safe?

Is my bike in good condition and ready to roll?

Am I on the same page as my riding companions, if any?

What else am I forgetting?

This is for you if:

You’ve never bikepacked before and want help planning your first trip.

You’ve tagged along on a few trips and want to graduate to planning your own.

You’re taking on a longer or more complex trip and need help organizing all the details.

You’re excited about bikepacking but worried you’ll get yourself into trouble because you don’t know what you’re doing (yet!).

This might NOT be for you if:

You hate spreadsheets or have never used one before.

You don’t have a Google account (doesn’t have to be a Gmail address, just a Google Account) and don’t want to create one.

You’ve already done a few trips and are comfortable planning and organizing your own logistics.

You prefer to “wing it” and don’t have patience for detailed planning.

Why pay for this?

This planner costs $10. I know, everyone is hustling to sell things on the internet these days. I thought long and hard before deciding to join them.

Here’s the thing: I pour countless hours into creating free content on this website, but this planner is a step up. It’s a premium product that pulls together everything I know about bikepacking prep and presents it in an easy-to-follow guided progression. It doesn’t just dump information on you. It teaches you through an interactive process, while helping you organize your thoughts at the same time.

By spending just $10 – less than the cost of a hard-earned cheeseburger when you bikepack into town – you accomplish three things: you help support this site, you keep me accountable for creating a top-notch product, and you keep yourself accountable for actually going on that bikepacking trip. Consider it an investment in turning your adventure dreams into reality.

Get the Bikepacking Trip Planner

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