Black Mountain Overnight: Mini Bikepacking Adventure in the SF Bay Area

Loaded bikepacking bike leaning against trail sign on Monte Bello Preserve singletrack

As I watched the sun set glowing red from my rocky perch on Black Mountain, the San Francisco Bay Area already twinkling in the fading light across the valley below, I couldn’t help thinking “I win!”

Spread across the valley below me were the lights and lives of over half a million people, crammed into unending suburbs, fuming on gridlocked freeways, chatting about their workdays over dinner. Yet I was alone at the top of the mountain. And it was a Thursday night.

If you live on the SF Bay Area peninsula and are craving a quick bike camping trip or S24O-style bikepacking overnight, this little bikepacking route to Black Mountain Backpack Camp might be just what the doctor ordered.

Read on to plan a Black Mountain mini-bikepacking trip, including details about the campsite, route options, and trail conditions.

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Black Mountain Bike Overnight

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