Surly Disc Trucker vs. Kona Sutra: Detailed Comparison

Debating between the Surly Disc Trucker and Kona Sutra? These two legendary touring bikes have a lot in common, but this article will walk you through their differences and why they might matter to you.

Funn Mamba Pedals: 7000 Mile Review (Single-Sided SPD)

The Mamba Pedal from Funn is a confidence-inspiring platform MTB pedal with either single- or double-sided SPD clips. Here’s what I love about it, a couple things I don’t, and who I think it’s best for.

Salsa Fargo vs. Salsa Vaya: Detailed Comparison

The Fargo and Vaya are both classic, adventure-ready, drop bar steel bikes from Salsa. Here’s how to tell which is the best fit for the type of riding you dream about.

Salsa Fargo vs. Surly Ogre: Detailed Comparison

The Surly Ogre and Salsa Fargo are both designed for hauling cargo and having adventures on unpaved roads. This comparison breaks down the differences and similarities to help you choose between two great bikes.

Salsa Fargo vs. Cutthroat: Detailed Comparison

The Cutthroat and Fargo are two different bikes from Salsa optimized for long-distance mixed-terrain riding. Which is best for your bikepacking goals? This side-by-side comparison will help you choose.

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