Mastering Mail Drops for Backpacking and Bikepacking

Mail drops are a handy way to resupply during a backpacking or bikepacking trip when you can’t get what you need from stores. Here’s how to plan, pack, and mail them (and why you shouldn’t overuse them).

Traffic Safety for Bikepackers

Quiet roads and trails make for the best bikepacking, but sometimes riding with cars is unavoidable. Here’s what I do to improve my odds.

How to Resupply During Your Bikepacking Trip

If your bikepacking trip is more than a few days long, you’ll need to resupply food and other consumables as you go. Here’s everything you need to know about resupplying on a bikepacking trip.

Desert Bikepacking: Skills, Gear, Inspiration

The desert is an amazing environment for bikepacking, but it offers a few extra challenges too. Here’s what you need to know for a safe and enjoyable desert adventure.

Dispersed Camping for Cyclists

If you bikepack in the United States, I highly recommend you take advantage of free and legal dispersed camping on public land. Here’s how!

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