Female traveler wearing headscarf in Sudan

What Should Travelers Wear in Sudan? (Women and Men)

Sudan is a fascinating place to travel, but the cultural norms can be confusing. Here’s what to wear in Sudan – for both male and female travelers – to be respectful and minimize hassle.

Sudan, in the Company of Men

When the welcome committee is all men, all the time, cycling solo as a woman in conservative and friendly Sudan gets … complex.

Ruined temple enclosure in Sudan

14 Fascinating Places to Visit in Sudan

Sudan is a well-kept secret among adventurous travelers. Here are the best places to visit and things to do in Sudan for history lovers, cultural travelers, and backpackers.

Solo female cyclist riding in Sudan

Cycling Sudan: Route, Map, and Tips

In early 2020 I rode my bicycle through northern Sudan. Here are route notes, tips, and pictures from a challenging and rewarding journey.

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