Female traveler wearing headscarf in Sudan

What Should Travelers Wear in Sudan? (Women and Men)

Sudan is a fascinating place to travel, but the cultural norms can be confusing. Here’s what to wear in Sudan – for both male and female travelers – to be respectful and minimize hassle.

Ultimate Guide to Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is a natural gem and geologic wonder in Central California. Here’s how to make the most of your visit, including all the best hiking trails and camping options.

8 Lovely Towns in Northern Vietnam (That Aren’t Sapa)

Sapa is pretty, but it’s far from the best place to visit in northern Vietnam. These 8 Sapa alternatives offer even better scenery, fewer tourists, and friendlier vibes for independent-minded travelers.

Ruined temple enclosure in Sudan

14 Fascinating Places to Visit in Sudan

Sudan is a well-kept secret among adventurous travelers. Here are the best places to visit and things to do in Sudan for history lovers, cultural travelers, and backpackers.

Women's advocacy group near Kasese

What Travelers Need to Know About Ugandan Culture

Travel in Uganda will keep you on your toes – in a good way – as you soak up the energy and try to decode the culture. Get a head start with these 14 things every visitor to Uganda needs to know.

Koh Ker Temples in Cambodia

The peaceful temples at Koh Ker are a lovely change of pace from the mass tourism of Cambodia’s larger sites. Here’s how to visit them.

Taxis being loaded in Makeni Sierra Leone

My West Africa Packing List

Travel in West Africa can be tricky to pack for, but don’t worry. Here’s my West Africa packing list from 3 months exploring 5 countries.

Where to Go Hiking in West Africa

West Africa isn’t exactly a famous hiking destination, but for those drawn to this complex part of the world, these are the trails to check out.

Colorful street in Ganta, Liberia

Places to Visit in Liberia, West Africa

Liberia offers remarkable experiences to thoughtful and intrepid travelers. Here’s my list of favorite places to visit and things to do in Liberia, West Africa.

Choosing Your Kilimanjaro Route: A Detailed Comparison

Choosing a Kilimanjaro route might seem overwhelming, but when you look carefully, just a few good options stand out. This detailed comparison will help you choose the best Kili route for you.

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