Beginning Again: First Impressions of Bikepacking

Pretty much everyone who owns a frame bag and a couple Voile straps knows that is THE online publication to follow when it comes to attaching camping gear to a mountain bike and riding off into the sunset.

Their authoritative resources and inspirational stories played a role in leading me on my own journey from pannier-toting tourer to budding bikepacker.

So when they were up for publishing an article about what I learned while transitioning from road touring to bikepacking, I was beyond thrilled! It was an honor to share my thoughts with the broader bikepacking community and see that much of my experience resonated with them as well.

I hope this post will inspire you to give bikepacking a try, and/or remind you why you love it.

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Hi there, I’m Alissa. I’ve traveled over 15,000 miles (enough to stop counting) by bike and still can’t stop planning my next ride. Pavement and panniers or singletrack and seat bag, I love it all. On my bike I feel free. Learn more or say hi.

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