Guest Post: Solo Female Travel in West Africa

A few weeks ago I had the honor of contributing a guest post to the successful women’s travel blog Her Packing List. The topic: a solo female perspective on my 2.5 month wander through West Africa. You can check out the guest post here.

Four people sitting around a single platter of food eating dinner in Guinea, West Africa
Sharing a meal with new friends in Guinea

To me, the most interesting aspects of travel aren’t gender specific, so I usually try to capture the essence of a place from a perspective people of any gender can appreciate.

But… But. There are differences. Wherever I go in the world, if I’m traveling solo, people are surprised by my femaleness. And there are some places where people are downright shocked. West Africa was one of those places. So it seemed appropriate to talk about visiting West Africa as a solo female traveler. There’s just no getting around the fact that it’s different.

So, if you’re a lady considering solo travel to this part of the world, or are just curious what it’s like to travel in a place so far from the beaten track, check out this Solo Female Travel Guide to West Africa. It covers daily life as a traveler in West Africa, challenges and benefits (yes, there are benefits!) of traveling there solo as a woman, safety tips, most memorable moments, and of course what to pack. I hope you enjoy it!

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