Collaboration: How We Ride the GDMBR

By Alissa Bell: pedal-powered freedom seeker, 20k+ miles of bikepacking and touring on 6 continents


One of the best things about riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: I got to meet so many other bikepackers! Whether on the trail, in town, or online, I’ve connected with oodles of people who share my love for this amazing route. It was an honor to collaborate with several of them for this post on the Adventure Cycling blog: How We Ride the GDMBR.

I’ve done my best to share loads of information about my GDMBR ride on this website, but I’m only one person. This collaboration shows that there are SO many ways to approach a ride like this, and all of them are wonderful. I hope you’ll check it out:

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Hi there, I’m Alissa, founder of Exploring Wild. I’ve traveled over 19,000 miles by bike and still can’t stop planning my next ride (and helping you plan yours). Pavement and panniers or singletrack and seat bag, I love it all. On my bike I feel free. Learn more about me here.

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