John Muir Trail

One of America’s premier mid-distance backpacking trips, the John Muir Trail connects the famous landmarks of Yosemite and Mount Whitney via 211 stunning miles of alpine meadows, vast forests, and sparkling granite basins through the heart of the high Sierra Nevada mountains.

JMT at a Glance

Distance211 miles
Route type
point to point
Typical time needed3-4 weeks
Start (official – varies by permit)Happy Isles Trailhead, Yosemite Valley
EndWhitney Portal Trailhead
Permit requiredYes (info) – difficult to get
Hiking seasonJune – September (depending on snow pack)
Trail typeWell maintained, well marked
Food storageBear can required
Lowest elevation4,035 feet
Highest elevation14,505 feet
Dogs allowedMostly no
Bicycles allowedMostly no
Horses allowedMostly yes

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