Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit

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Problem solving is part of the adventure! Complete your bikepacking repair kit with this 21-piece collection of versatile emergency supplies curated by a veteran bikepacker. Broken racks and bags, ripped gear, loose or missing bolts, squealing brake pads, and sticky situations like a failed water filter or dead light batteries…  Deal with it and keep rolling with these compact and lightweight essentials. Refined through extensive experience pedaling in remote and far-flung locations, the Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit is here to help you take on bigger and bolder trips with confidence.

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Dimensions21 × 19 × 4 cm

1 review for Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    Such a cool idea! Very convenient getting all these bits in one place. I’ve been meaning to flesh out my repair kit for a bigger trip this summer and this made it so much easier. Thanks!

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Weight: 3 oz
Size: 5.75 X 4.25 x 1.5″

Running tubeless tires? The Tubeless Tire Repair Kit makes a perfect companion to the Fix It Kit.

What's in the Fix It Kit

21 piece kit includes:

  • Gear Aid Tenacious gear repair tape
  • Frame tape (pre-tape at home first, this is for emergency touch up)
  • Mini LED backup light
  • Sandpaper and alcohol wipes to fix disc brake squealing
  • Aquatabs (2) in case of water filter failure
  • Duct tape (2 m)
  • Recycled tube segment for shimming handlebar mounts or protecting frame
  • Zip ties (6)
  • Presta to Schrader valve adapter in case of Presta pump failure
  • Spare M5 bottle cage bolts (2) and washers (2)
  • Threadlocker to prevent bolts rattling loose
  • Lightweight carrying pouch
  • Bonus: Lifesaver candy and relaxing tea :)

Learn more: Using the Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit.

Designed and assembled in California from globally sourced materials.

Solve Problems

Take on long, remote, or overseas trips with confidence knowing you have what you need to deal with the unexpected.

Save Money

Buying all these bits separately adds up fast! Get the essentials in just-right amounts for less money, and spend the extra on your next bikepacking trip.

Reduce Waste

Most of these items come in larger quantities, way more than you need, with lots of packaging. Get the right amount in a low-packaging format.

Fix It Kit in Action

A sampling of the many jobs you can tackle with supplies in the Bikepacker's Fix It Kit.

Origin Story

I've solved a lot of problems with my bike and gear during 20,000 miles on six continents. I know which sneaky little items are worth their weight in gold when something weird happens in the middle of nowhere, and I want you to have them in your bag when the time comes.

While building my own emergency kits for bikepacking trips I noticed that most of these small items come in unnecessarily large quantities and cost too much. I created the Bikepacker's Fix It Kit to help you get the right supplies at lower prices with less waste, and to take some stress out of packing and trip prep.

Questions and Answers

Is this all I need to carry for bike repair?

No, you should definitely still carry a full repair and spares kit with bike tools and spare parts to fit your particular bike. This kit focuses on the universally useful supplies you may not have thought to pack or can't easily buy in the right quantities.

Is everything in this kit compatible with my bike?

The supplies in this kit are bike-agnostic, with two exceptions. The Presta-Schrader valve adapter is only useful if you have Presta valves, and the sandpaper and alcohol wipes are intended for disc brakes (though they may have other clever uses too).

How many days or weeks can I bikepack with this kit?

When it comes to emergency supplies, the same kit is appropriate for everything from a weekend overnighter to a multi-month epic. This kit is designed to patch your gear or get you to the next town; in some cases you'll need to deal with the issue there before moving on. If you're embarking on a very long round-the-world style tour you might add a few things to this kit, otherwise it's right for any length trip.

Can't I just buy all this stuff on Amazon?

You can, but it will be more expensive. If you bought everything in this kit in the smallest quantities available, it would cost around $100! On top of that, you'd be left with unneeded extras sitting around. If you don't need 500 zip ties and 3 valve adapters and 6 mini emergency lights, it's wasteful and expensive. So use this kit like a starter pack to get the right things in the right quantities, and then buy refills as needed.

What's your refund and return policy?

I want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you're not, please contact me for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $22.00.