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The Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit is a confidence-boosting, trip-saving, thoughtfully curated collection of the random little bits most likely to keep you and your bike rolling through unexpected challenges. Built from 20,000+ miles of experience bikepacking and touring, this lightweight kit contains just-right amounts of key problem-solving essentials worth their weight in gold. 

Many of these items are hard to find in small quantities and more expensive than they should be. If you bought the components for this kit on Amazon, it would cost over $100(!) and you’d be left with a bunch of unneeded extras. By buying in bulk I’m able to pay less per item and pass the savings on to you while also reducing waste.

Confidence: Newer bikepackers often worry about fixing their gear or bike if something goes wrong. We never know exactly what puzzles we’ll need to solve out there, but the items in this kit are carefully chosen to increase your chances of success.

Savings: Many of these items are relatively expensive in small quantities or are only available in large amounts. By purchasing in bulk I pay lower prices and pass the savings on to you.

Reduced waste: Amazon usually sells small items in large quantities, so we end up with extra sitting around and going to waste. This kit contains exactly the right amount of each item so you don’t need to feel bad about buying a six pack of something when you only need one.

Versatility: This kit focuses on items that are useful for all riding styles and all bikes. With just a couple small exceptions, everything in it is bike-agnostic.

(Note that this is NOT a complete repair kit. I’ve left out items like multitools and tire repair supplies, which many bikepackers already have, and spare parts that need to match your particular bike. For more on what to carry in a complete tools and spares kit, see Building Your Bikepacking Repair Kit.)

Launch deal: Buy the Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit and get the Bikepacker’s Companion eBook (a PDF download for your smartphone) for 30% off when you enter discount code READYFORANYTHING at checkout.

What’s in the kit:

  • Gear Aid Tenacious Tape: Repair tent, rain gear, sleeping pad, hydration bladder…
  • Frame tape: Protect frame from abrasion caused by bags (pre-tape at home, this is for touch up)
  • Recycled tube: Shim a handlebar mount, boot a tire, protect frame from abrasion.
  • Zip ties (6)
  • Duct tape (2 meters)
  • Presta – Schrader valve adapter: use Schrader pump if your Presta pump fails
  • Alcohol wipes and sandpaper: Clean and sand disc brake rotors and pads to stop squealing from contamination or glazing
  • Threadlocker 243: Dab a small amount on threads of bolts that tend to rattle loose
  • Spare M5 bottle cage bolts (2)
  • Washers: shorten spare bolts as needed (2)
  • Aquatabs (2): In case of filter failure, 1 tab purifies 1-2 liters of water. Wait 30 minutes before drinking.
  • LED keychain light: Always have a light source in case of dead batteries or light failure
  • Lifesaver candy and relaxing tea: Sit and eat a snack before attempting a stressful repair, and stay calm. 🙂

These items are simple but incredibly versatile. I’ve needed and used most of them at one time or another during my bikepacking trips. With a bit of creative ingenuity they can solve many problems both common and unexpected.

To learn more about using these items on the road or trail, see Using the Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit.

Weight: 2.9 oz

Dimensions: 4.25″ by 5.75″

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Bikepacker’s Fix It Kit (coming soon)