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For those adventures where less is more, decant just the right amount of toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellent, and other consumables into these small and light containers to save weight and space in your bags. Use it to compile the perfect lightweight toiletries kit or other supplies for backpacking, bikepacking, minimalist travel, and other space-constrained adventures.

Specifically designed for life on the trail or road, this assortment of refillable containers includes a variety of smaller sizes that are normally hard to find. Typical “travel size” toiletry bottles don’t go this small, so you often have to buy bulk packages of more than you need from laboratory or hobby supply stores.

The bottles are made from LDPE and HDPE, both of which are food-safe and chemically inert. The LDPE bottles are easy to squeeze and come with optional dropper tips. The HDPE bottles are even more durable, perfect for sunscreen and other items used often throughout the day. The kit comes with a small mesh-back zipper pouch perfect for an ultralight toiletries kit. 


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Designed and assembled in California from globally sourced materials.

What's in the Containers Kit

The Small and Light Containers Kit includes:

  • 5ml LDPE squeeze bottles (3)
  • 10ml LDPE squeeze bottles (3)
  • 20ml LDPE squeeze bottles (3)
  • Dropper tips for LDPE bottles, add and remove as needed (9)
  • 30ml / 1 fl oz HDPE flip-top bottles (2)
  • 3ml "fish" containers, technically soy sauce sachets, but great as ultralight containers too! (5)
  • 3ml lotion pots (3)
  • 2x3" mini ziplock bags (5)
  • 2x2" mini ziplock bags (5)
  • labels 1x3" (cut to the size you need)
  • funnel for filling bottles
  • toiletries pouch with mesh back for funk-free moisture evaporation

LDPE squeeze bottles

Three sizes, chemically inert LDPE, easy to squeeze, optional dropper tips for easy dispensing. Child-resistant caps are also resistant to spilling or leaking in your pack.

What to put in them: sunscreen, bug repellent (yes, DEET is ok), hand sanitizer, liquid biodegradable soap, shampoo, thin lotions, chain lube (cyclists)

Weight of single bottle with cap and dropper tip: 5g (5 and 10ml sizes), 7g (20ml size)

HDPE flip-cap bottles

Flip-cap 1 fl oz bottles made from chemically inert HDPE. They are less flexible and more durable than LDPE, perfect for sunscreen or other uses where the bottle will be knocking around in a pack pocket or bike bag.

What to put in them: Same as the LDPE bottles, but things you need in larger quantities or when you need a more durable bottle for a frequently used item.

Weight of single bottle and cap: 7g

Fish-Shaped Sachets

These tiny fish-shaped squeeze sachets are typically used as soy sauce containers for to-go meals, but they're perfect for ultralight toiletries too!

What to put in them: Really tiny amounts of anything.

Weight of single fish: less than 1g

Lotion Pots

These 3ml screw-top containers are for thicker creams that are hard to get into squeeze bottles.

What to put in them: thick lotions, chamois cream and diaper ointment (bikepackers get it), medications in small pill form

Weight of single pot and lid: 3g

Mini Ziplock Baggies

These mini ziplocks come in 2 sizes (5 of each size) and are food grade.

What to put in them: vitamins, medications, powders (baby powder for saddle sores, foot powder, etc), spices for your camp meals

Weight of all 10 bags together: 3g

Mesh Toiletries Pouch

This small zipper pouch is durable nylon fabric on one side and mesh on the other, allowing moisture to escape. Perfect for a lightweight toiletries kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a few small bottles.

Weight of empty pouch: 10g

Common Questions

How do I get thicker liquids and lotions into the LDPE bottles?

The kit includes a funnel for easily pouring liquid, but lotions are harder. The best technique is to first squeeze air out of the bottle, then slowly release the squeeze to suck the lotion into the bottle. Tap the bottle on a hard surface to settle the contents to the bottom, then repeat.

Can I put DEET bug repellent in these bottles?

Yes. LDPE and HDPE are both very chemically inert, which is why they're commonly used in laboratories. Additionally, I've tested these bottles with 30% DEET for 14 days and found no evidence of changes to the plastic.

How do I get the colored caps off?

The colored caps are child-resistant, which also makes them very resistant to leaking in your pack. To open, press down while turning counterclockwise.

How do I get the dropper tip back out to refill the bottle?

The dropper tips are removable but can be a bit sticky. Try prying around the edge with a fingernail or very small flathead screwdriver. You can also gently grasp the tip with pliers and wiggle back and forth while pulling outward.

What's your refund and return policy?

I want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you're not, please contact me for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Small and Light Containers Kit