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This website is my baby, my passion project, and my small (very small) business. I spend an absurd amount of time on it because I enjoy the process and love helping others explore the places, activities, and cultures I’ve found so valuable in my own life.

But, running this site does not pay very well! In fact, it costs money to run a website at this scale, not to mention the endless hours of time I’ve poured into it. Because maintaining your trust is important to me, I never publish sponsored posts or accept paid links, so my options for supporting this project financially are limited.

If you’ve found this website helpful and want to support its growth, here are four ways you can help:

  1. Dropping some pennies in the tip jar.
  2. Buying a digital product from the Downloads and Workbooks page.
  3. Shopping through affiliate links – see below.
  4. Tolerating ads in the articles (thanks and sorry, I hate them too, but they help pay the bills).

Many thanks for your support!

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