Ridge Merino Solstice Sun Hoodie Long-Term Review

Bottom Line Merino sun hoodies are exploding in popularity lately, and it’s easy to see why. If I’m going to wear one shirt for weeks on end while hiking or biking, I want some serious functional benefits: sun protection, temperature regulation, and that all-important stink-resistance merino is famous for. Merino …

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Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Long-Term Review

The Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket is legendary for its durability, quality, and weather protection, but is it worth the price? Here’s my detailed review and opinion after 4+ years of use.

Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket Long-Term Review

The Helium Rain Jacket has been keeping ounce-counting adventurers dry and warm for over ten years. This detailed review shares how mine held up to heavy use and what I like and dislike about the latest version.

38 Tips for Staying Warm While Backpacking

It’s hard to enjoy the backcountry when you’re freezing your buns off. Here are all my best tips for staying warm while backpacking, even if you get cold as easily as I do.

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