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When running long or in hot weather, carrying water is a must. But how to do it comfortably without chafing, sloshing, or fatigue? Here are five ideas to suit all kinds of runners. 

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Handheld Bottle

Pros: affordable, chafe-free, easy to refill Cons: full hands, potential for lopsided running form, tired arm, doesn't fit phone

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Pros: hands free, carries other things, holds the most water Cons: expensive, can bounce or chafe, needs to fit well

Hydration Vest

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Pros: same has hard bottle plus no sloshing when empty, comfortable in hand, easy to stow Cons: same as hard bottle plus not insulated, usually small

Handheld Soft Flask

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Pros: hands free, holds other small items Cons: hard to find good bounce-free fit, not as convenient for drinking

Hydration Belt

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