Wondering whether a dynamo hub is worth the money for your bikepacking, commuting, or long training rides? Dynamo hubs can be amazing for always-on lighting and worry-free charging, but they may not work exactly as you expect. Here's what you need to know before buying a dynamo hub for your bicycle.

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Parts of a Dynamo System

To get the most from a dynamo system you'll need multiple parts: dynamo hub dynamo-powered light(s) dynamo-powered USB charger power bank supplemental headlight (optional) Some of these parts can come together, like an integrated light and charger, while others need to be chosen separately.

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Speed and Mileage (Very Important!)

Dynamo-powered headlights don't work well below 8-10mph (depending on the hub and light). Dynamo-powered USB chargers don't provide useful charge unless you can ride faster than this for dozens of miles. Slow riding on singletrack or long climbs requires a supplemental battery-powered light.

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Hub and Light Choice

There's a wide range of quality and design for dynamo hubs and lights. Some are optimized for faster riding and others for slower. Some are more efficient. Some are rugged and designed to last forever, others will wear out sooner. Choose an option that matches your needs (commuting vs. long-distance bikepacking, etc).

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