Worth the weight?

We all enjoy a bit of indulgence on the trail, but my favorite luxury item is probably different from yours. Which of these common backpacking luxury items is worth its weight on your gear list?

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Camp Chair

The camp chair is the most classic luxury item out there. Is it worth carrying an extra pound on your back so you can lounge in comfort at camp? Only you can decide.

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Who doesn't love lounging outdoors with a good book? An eReader can be a relatively lightweight way to indulge in this luxury while backpacking. I've carried my Kindle for many hundreds of miles!

Kindle eReader

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Tight IT bands, anyone? If your muscles get sore and tight while backpacking, this little guy is worth its weight in gold. Indulge in the luxury of a camp massage session after each long day on the trail.

Massage Ball

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For die-hard coffee snobs a fancy backpacking coffee maker is easily worth its weight. The rest of us can just enjoy our instant coffee packets. :)

Fancy Coffee Maker

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