From coast to coast and border to border, these five long-haul bike touring and bikepacking routes offer the adventure of a lifetime while cycling across the United States.

TransAmerica Bike Route

The most famous coast-to-coast route in America, the TransAmerica route takes cyclists over 4000 miles on paved roads from Oregon to Virginia.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Enjoy nearly 2700 miles of low-traffic gravel roads between the Mexico and Canada borders along the Continental Divide.

Bike Nonstop US

Originally designed as a race route but available to anyone who wants to bike across the US, this 3500+ mile route does its best to avoid traffic by following backroads and bike paths from Oregon to Washington, D.C.

Western Wildlands Route

This relatively new border-to-border bikepacking route spans 2700 rugged miles of dirt, gravel, and quiet pavement through vast landscapes of the western US.

Great American Rail Trail

This ambitious project is only a bit over 50% complete, but the goal is to link up rail trails, greenways, and other multi-use paths for 3700+ miles of car-free riding across the United States.

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