Need to keep snacks or small items close at hand while riding? A stem bag, also called a feed bag, is the perfect accessory for your bike. Here are five stem bag options I've tested, from cheap to spendy.

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REI Co-op Junction

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REI tends to make good-quality gear at affordable prices, and their stem bag is no exception. It's simple and lightweight, perfect for handful of snacks, your sunglasses, or small water bottle.

Drawstring Climbing Chalk Bags

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Not technically a stem bag at all, but a fantastic budget-friendly option that works just as well for smooth riding. These are large-capacity, perfect for a whole pile of snacks or even lunch.

Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag

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A premium stem bag designed for rugged bikepacking, these sturdy bags hold a ton and fasten securely to a variety of setups. More expensive than the others, but excellent quality.

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