Wondering what to eat on a bikepacking trip? This bikepacking food guide covers meal planning, snack ideas, resupply logistics, cooking, and lots more.

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For ultimate convenience and light weight on a short bikepacking trip, pre-made backpacking meals work well. Buy them in bulk cans and add your own mix-ins for better value and nutrition.

Freeze Dried Meals

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Sometimes it makes sense to save weight by not bringing a stove. Meal ideas include:

No-Cook Bikepacking Food

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tortillas + cheese, salami or beans cold-soaked ramen canned or pouch food PB&J sandwich microwave burrito from town

If you need to buy meals along the way, focus on simple, fast-cooking, easy-to-find basics: ramen, couscous, instant rice, instant mac 'n cheese. Add fat and protein  (cheese, salami, nuts, peanut butter, etc) for a well-rounded meal.

Resupplying on the Road

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We bikepackers can never have enough snacks.  Here are some tasty, filling, easy-to-find options:

Bikepacking Snacks

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protein bars trail mix cheese sticks dried fruit potato chips baby food pouches (really!)

For lots more yummy, practical, squish-proof ideas, see the full post:

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