Bike Repair Skills Every Cyclist Should Know

Don't be intimidated! Every cyclist should know some basic bike repair. It will save you money, and someday it will save you a huge hassle when something goes wrong while you're out riding. Also, it's fun! Read on for basic bike repair tasks everyone can learn to DIY.

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Clean and Lube Chain

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Let's start with an easy one. Lubing your chain keeps your drivetrain running smoothly and quietly and prevents wear on other parts. Clean it and re-lube it when needed, which depends on your riding style and conditions.

Fix a Flat

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The bane of every cyclist, flat tires will stop you in your tracks. It's essential to carry a spare tube (or tubeless repair supplies, if appropriate) and learn how to use them. Practice makes perfect!

Adjust Derailleur(s)

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If your bike has gears, they're eventually going to need indexing, which means aligning the derailleur's movement so it's in the right place for the cogs. This is no one's favorite task, but it's not too hard once you practice a few times.

Repair a Broken Chain

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A more common issue for mountain bikers, a damaged chain will end your ride unless you know the easy fix. With the right supplies you can remove the damaged links and rejoin the chain to limp home with fewer gears, or splice in replacement links for a good-as-new fix.

Adjust and Replace Brake Pads

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They don't last forever! Sooner or later your pads will wear down and need adjustment, and eventually replacement. Details depend on your type and model of brake, but you can find how-to videos online for almost any situation.

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