Which is best for your new bike?


Shopping for a new bike? Lucky you! If you're trying to decide between drop handlebars vs. flat handlebars, here's what to consider.

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What kind of riding do you want to do?

Flat bars are found on most mountain bikes and some city and commuting bikes.

Drop bars are found on nearly all road bikes, most gravel bikes, and some city and commuting bikes.

Drop Bars Offer:

More aerodynamic posture Neutral wrist and shoulder alignment Multiple hand positions for long ride comfort Narrower profile for urban riding and tight spaces

Flat Bars Offer:

More stability and control Simpler maintenance (no bar tape) Cheaper builds, especially at lower end of budget range More space for gadgets and bikepacking bags, if you're into that

You can find wide flared drop bars for more stability, or you can add bar ends to flat bars for more hand positions. There are hundreds of handlebar shapes and sizes to choose from. 

Is it really that simple? Of course not!

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