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This is the gear I reach for first when packing for a backpacking trip, whether it's two months on the Arizona Trail or a weekend overnight. Welcome to my gear shed!

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This super-efficient cook system conserves fuel on long hikes and makes meal prep so easy, even on cold windy days. I've tried lighter cook systems but keep coming back to the JetBoil for its convenience (and it's still pretty light).

JetBoil MicroMo

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This ultralight water-resistant bug-proof bivy is a key part of my modular sleep system for backpacking. I use it alone on clear nights or add a tarp for wet weather.

Borah Gear Bivy

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This ultralight rain jacket disappears into your pack and works well for occasional showers or windbreaking warmth. (For all-day downpours I prefer something more robust).

OR Helium Rain Jacket

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This lightweight "dirty bag" pairs with a Sawyer Squeeze, BeFree, or several other water filters for a hands-free gravity setup. It's way more convenient than the bags that come with the Sawyer filter, and much easier to fill from shallow water sources.

CNOC Vecto Water Bag

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Find more of my backpacking gear favorites at Exploring Wild:

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This interactive trip planning guide is packed with checklists, key questions, and recommendations to take the worry out of planning your first or biggest backpacking trip.