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After 20,000 miles of bikepacking and touring, this is the gear I reach for first when packing for a lightweight overnight or a multi-month epic. Welcome to my gear shed!

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This versatile workhorse is pretty much always on my bars. Drop or flat, light or heavy, skinny or fat, it handles everything!

Revelate Handlebar Harness

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My absolute favorite shelter for solo trips, this fierce little tent is light, freestanding, super-fast to set up, and not even that expensive. 

Big Sky Soul 1P Tent

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This ultralight rain jacket disappears into bikepacking bags until you need it for occasional showers or windbreaking warmth. 

OR Helium Rain Jacket

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If you hate choosing between SPD pedals and walkable shoes, these excellent single-sided SPD pedals offer the best of both worlds. Pair with a walking-friendly SPD shoe (like the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyon) for a comfy and versatile setup.

Funn Mamba Pedals

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Find more of my must-have favorites for all types of trips at Exploring Wild:

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