Are you one of the many cyclists who experience numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in your hands when you ride your bike a lot? Don't worry, there's probably an easy solution to your problem. Read on!

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Shake it Out

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Sometimes hand numbness from cycling is just a matter of gripping too hard for too long. Take an opportunity to let go of the bar with one hand and shake out the opposite arm on some easy terrain.

Perfect Your Grip

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No matter what style of handlebar you use, try to keep a straight line at your wrist between forearm to hand. A sharp bend at the wrist can compress nerves, which is a common cause of numb hands while cycling.

Switch Up Hand Positions

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If you ride with drop handlebars, rotate through different hand positions to take pressure off any strained tissues. Flat bars have fewer options, but you can add bar ends to provide an extra grip location.

Tapes, Grips, Gloves

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Reducing vibration can help fix hand numbness. Look for extra-thick gel bar tape (drop bars), foam grips (flat bars), and gel-padded gloves.

Carbon and Suspension

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If those cheaper solutions don't work, some cyclists find relief from the vibration-damping properties of carbon fiber handlebars, carbon fiber fork, or front suspension.

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