Are frigid digits making it hard to enjoy your day on the slopes? As someone with constantly cold extremities, I feel your pain and I'm here to help. Use these techniques to keep your toes toasty warm on your next ski trip.

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Start Warm and Dry

Store your boots and socks indoors overnight, not in a cold garage or car. Make sure any moisture from the previous day is completely dry (put them near a heat vent, fireplace, or use a boot warmer).

Choose Quality Socks

Good quality ski socks are designed to insulate, wick moisture, and fit closely but not too tightly, all of which help keep your feet warm while skiing. Merino wool and wool blend are ideal, but synthetic works too and is less expensive. 

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Adjust Boot Fit

Ski boots that are too tight can make your feet cold because they restrict circulation, not to mention being painful. Make sure your boots fit snugly at the front of your shins without putting too much pressure on your feet and toes.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Wet socks will make your feet so much colder, but between sweat (our feet sweat a LOT even when it's cold) and snow spray it can be hard to keep them dry. Try airing your feet out at lunch or even bringing a spare pair of socks to change into.

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Wishing you toasty toes this winter!