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Are you excited to strap some camping gear to a bike and pedal off toward the horizon? Of course you are! Bikepacking is the best. :) But loading up a bike for bikepacking can be a puzzle. This post explains what to put where, how to make it fit, and how to streamline your bikepacking setup for a hassle-free ride.

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General Packing Tips

Pack heavy things low and centered for better bike handling. Pack for the terrain: the more rugged the riding, the lighter you'll want your bike to be. Use redundant straps and watch for any loose things that can catch in your wheels or bounce off. 

Bikepacking Bags

You don't have to use all the specialized bikepacking bags, but they do help, especially on rugged terrain. The rest of this post explains how I pack my bikepacking bags: what goes where, considerations for bike compatibility, and tips for more efficient packing.

Frame Bag

A full frame bag is an efficient use of space, perfect for heavy things like water and tools, and can be mixed and matched with pretty much any other bike bags.

Handlebar Bag

A handlebar harness is perfect for a sleeping bag in a dry sack, and perhaps a small tent strapped in beside. Beware of overloading your bars for technical riding through.

Seat Bag

Your saddle bag is a great catch-all space for clothes, food, toiletries, anything that fits. Try to pack heavy things (and things you don't need while riding) in the innermost corner.

That's not all! Learn about packing accessory bags, fork bags, and more in the full post on Exploring Wild:

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