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Feeling tender after your last ride? Open wounds in personal places don't have to be part of cycling. If you suffer from saddle sores, read on for expert tips and tricks from endurance cyclists who ride seriously high mileage.

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Saddle Position

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Too high, too low, rotated to one side, tilted too far up or down... Tiny adjustments in saddle position can have a surprisingly big impact on saddle sores.

Chamois Cream

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Chamois Shorts

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Those diaper-like cycling shorts aren't just for fashion...  A well-fitted chamois can protect sensitive areas and eliminate pressure and seams in the wrong spots.

Better Saddle

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If you've tried everything and still get saddle sores, you might need a new saddle that fits your sit bones, riding posture, and soft tissue anatomy.

Treating Saddle Sores

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If you already have saddle sores, help them heal faster with these tried and tested tricks: Stay clean and dry. Change out of cycling shorts immediately after riding, wash and dry your body, wear breathable underwear.  Diaper cream, aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree oil can all help sores heal faster so you can get back on your bike sooner.

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