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The Salsa Fargo is a rigid 29er drop bar mountain bike popular with bikepackers and adventure riders.  When launched in 2009 it was among the first in its category. Today it's a cult classic with a huge fan club. I've bikepacked around 5000 miles on my Salsa Fargo, and this story shares the highlights of this awesome bike.

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Key features of the latest Salsa Fargo build: Chromoly steel rigid frame Carbon fork 29" wheels Flared drop handlebars 1x11 drivetrain Mechanical disc brakes

Highly Versatile

The Fargo's frame and geometry are designed for maximum versatility on everything from pavement to gravel to moderate singletrack. With the right tires (up to 3" wide) this bike can do almost anything!

The Salsa Fargo is

Steel and Carbon

A combination of triple-butted chromoly steel frame and carbon fiber fork makes for a smooth ride feel and relatively light weight compared to some steel bikes. 

The Salsa Fargo is


The Salsa Fargo's relatively upright riding posture is comfy for all-day riding, day after day. With the flared Cowchipper handlebars you can rotate hand and body positions to rest tired muscles and avoid hand numbness.

The Salsa Fargo is

Designed for Cargo

Designed from the ground up for bikepacking and touring, the Fargo has plenty of mounting points for racks and cages. Salsa sells a line of bikepacking bags specifically designed to fit the Fargo frame, so you'll have no trouble loading up for a long ride in any style.

The Salsa Fargo is

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