Craving the thru hike experience but can't spare 4 to 6 months? These shorter thru hikes in the USA offer full-size adventure in just a few weeks.

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This incredibly scenic trail takes about a month to thru hike, the perfect amount of time to acquire and enjoy your trail legs and mountain lungs. Hike high-elevation ridgelines, resupply at historic mining towns, and watch out for afternoon thunderstorms! 

Colorado Trail

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The Tahoe Rim Trail offers 180 miles of scenic mountain hiking in a loop around Lake Tahoe. Easy resupply and transportation logistics make it an excellent beginner thru hike, though experienced backpackers will also love the scenery and challenge of this bite-size thru hike.

Tahoe Rim Trail

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Another short thru hike in the eastern US, the Superior Hiking Trail follows the shore of Lake Superior through Minnesota all the way to the Canadian border. It's not as flat as you'd expect and offers an interesting mix of quiet trails and popular tourist spots, especially when leaves turn red in the fall.

Superior Hiking Trail

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