Skiing TIPS

For Intermediate skiers

Does it feel like you've been stuck on intermediate runs forever? The jump between intermediate and advanced skiing can seem big, but I promise you can get there! Here's a sampling of skiing tips for intermediates to help you level up your skiing this season.

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I know skiing is expensive, but nothing beats the progress you'll earn from skiing multiple days in a row. While you're at it, push yourself to try harder slopes. It may not be pretty right away, but you'll feel more confident on easier runs afterward.


Leaning back is a natural reaction to a steel slippery slope, but it's a sure way to ruin your skiing technique. Lean forward from your ankles, not your hips, so that your shins press into your boots. You should feel like your body is standing tall, but perpendicular to the slope of the hill.


Though you want to feel tall (as opposed to hunched over), you don't want to be stiff. Let your knees flex during each turn, standing tallest through the middle and getting lower at the outside of each turn. It should feel like your upper body is bobbing up and down with each turn.


Good pole pant technique helps you find a rhythm and keep your weight forward. To cue this, make sure to keep your hands in front of your body and pointing down the slope more than across it. 


I know, it's hard! But if you can shake out the tension and relax muscles that don't need to work so hard (shoulders, jaw and face, hands gripping poles) you'll have an easier time finding the rhythm. Try it for just a few turns and see!

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And get ready to have even more fun on the slopes this winter!