wide skis

how (and why) to choose

If you're like me and grew up skiing on skinny skis, you may be curious about today's beefy wide planks. I upgraded to a pair of wide all-mountain skis a few years ago and it elevated my skiing to a new level. Here's what you need to know to make the switch to wide skis.

Why Wide Skis?

Wider skis give you better float and control in powder, but they're great for resort skiers too. Advances in ski technology mean we can enjoy the benefits of wide skis off-piste while still having plenty of maneuverability on groomers.

Choose Your Width

Wide skis come in a range of widths and profiles suited to different types of skiing. If you truly do spend most of your days buried in powder (lucky!) go for true powder skis with waist of 110+ mm. If you spend more time on hardpack, look for all-mountain skis in the 80 - 95mm range.

Choose Your Style

It's not just about width; wide skis come in a variety of materials and rocker / camber profiles to suit different skiers. Read product descriptions and reviews to learn a ski's focus. Strong aggressive experts will want a hard-charging ski, while intermediates and more playful skiers will enjoy something more forgiving or nimble.

Women and Smaller Skiers

In case you were wondering, there's absolutely no reason to avoid wider skis if you're a smaller person. I'm small and find my wide skis to be even more maneuverable and comfortable than my older skinny skis. Choose a pair designed for your preferred style of skiing, and perhaps a women's ski if you're female, and you'll be fine.

For more advice and examples of wide skis, see the full post:

Wishing you a fun day on the slopes!