WordPress Consulting for Bloggers and Small Businesses

Are you a blogger trying to wrangle your DIY WordPress site into submission?

Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur ready to invest in a solid online platform to grow your business?

I can relate, and I would love to help!

In addition to building and running my own websites, I love putting my years of hard-earned experience to work helping other go-getters establish themselves in the vast world of the internet.

Hi, I’m Alissa. When I’m not out adventuring, I’m probably building websites.

If the tangled web of WordPress is getting in your way, taking up valuable time, and cluttering your creative vision, I can help. You should be free to focus on doing what you do best, instead of burning time and energy feeling frustrated and adrift in a world of details and to-do’s.

To help you figure out which WordPress consulting services are right for you, I offer the following packages at fixed prices. If you don’t see the right fit here, contact me below for a custom estimate.

Upgrade Your Website

Protect, polish, and grow your existing website with these WordPress expertise packages.

DIY Boost Consult

Perfect for DIY site owners on a small budget. One-on-one website review and phone consultation to point you in the right direction as you grow. Find out what you’re missing and where you should be focusing your attention.

What’s included
  • Free intake by email
  • Detailed site review
  • Custom recommendations for site health and growth
  • 1 hour phone review of recommendations
  • 1 hour of follow-up email support

Price: $350

Essential Site Health

Perfect for website owners who want to focus on content and make sure their technical bases are covered. Get your site protected and up-to-date, and receive simple maintenance checklists for the future.

What’s included
  • Free 30 minute consultation and intake
  • Updates to theme, plugins, and WordPress core
  • Automatic backups
  • Security updates and configuration
  • Checklist for future DIY maintenance
  • Purchase up to 5 additional hours of support, troubleshooting, or other WordPress consulting services at 25% discounted hourly rate.

Price: $450

Growth Supercharge

Perfect for successful websites outgrowing their humble beginnings. Get your site ready to handle more visitors and receive custom recommendations for generating more traffic.

What’s included
  • Free 30 minute consultation and intake
  • Basic on-page SEO configuration and advice
  • Site speed testing, basic optimization, and advice
  • Analytics and search console configuration
  • Custom recommendations for growth strategy
  • Purchase up to 5 additional hours of support, troubleshooting, or other WordPress consulting services at 25% discounted hourly rate.

Price: $650

New Websites

Ready to take the leap and start a new project? From support for DIY projects to highly customized turnkey WordPress websites, I can help bring your vision to life.

DIY Quick-Start

Best for self-starters who want to learn and save money while creating their own website. I support you while you do the work, helping you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

What’s included
  • Free 30 minute consultation and intake
  • Checklist of basic tasks, recommendations, tools
  • Custom recommendations for long-term strategy
  • 3 hours of email support and Q&A as you work
  • Purchase up to 5 additional hours of support, troubleshooting, or other WordPress consulting services at 25% discounted hourly rate.

Price: $500

Strong Foundations

Best for small businesses, ambitious bloggers, or anyone who wants a new website built on a solid foundation of WordPress expertise.

What’s included
  • Free 60 minute consultation and intake
  • New WordPress website based on your content, with stock theme and basic checklist
  • Basic best practices including backups, security, on-page SEO, image compression, analytics.
  • Walkthrough and handoff session
  • 3 hours of followup support and Q&A
  • Custom recommendations for SEO, growth, maintenance, and more
  • Purchase up to 10 additional hours of services (such as support, training, troubleshooting, copywriting, SEO optimizations, or periodic maintenance) at 25% discounted hourly rate.

Price: from $1500 (contact me below for a custom estimate)

WordPress Training

One-on-one screen share training sessions customized to fit your goals and skills. Learn about WordPress editing, visual customization, maintenance, on-page SEO, and more. If I can do it, I can teach it to you.

All training is $90 per hour and includes a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals and skills.

Custom Projects

If the above packages aren’t the right fit, we can customize a solution to meet your needs. Contact me below and let’s discuss!

How I Can Help

From a one-hour coaching call to a brand new website, any size project is welcome. The packages above combine some of my most popular offerings, but they’re just the beginning of the ways I can help.

  • Custom visual details: you know how you want it to look, but your theme doesn’t support it. With custom CSS almost anything is possible.
  • Troubleshooting: fix mysterious errors and problems with WordPress sites.
  • Custom page building: move beyond blog feeds and templates. Any page, any content, any layout.
  • Page Speed / Core Web Vitals: make sure your site is fast enough to keep users (and Google’s ranking algorithm) happy
  • Best practices: make sure you’re covered when it comes backups, security, and other must-have features
  • SEO: find out if you’re doing everything you can to grow organic traffic
  • Analytics: learn how to use Google Analytics and Search Console to grow your traffic and improve your site
  • Updates: give an old site new life by getting up to date on software versions, plugins, security, and best practices
  • Migrations: change to a new host or domain
  • DIY support: save money and learn more by doing the work yourself, while getting expert answers and support through email or video coaching
  • WordPress training: one-on-one online coaching so you can do it yourself in the future
  • Brand new website: let’s build your new online home from scratch

Comprehensive Expertise

I know, the list above contains a lot of different things! My “Jill of all trades” background allows me to take a holistic approach to WordPress consulting.

In a former life I was an engineer, so I know my way around coding and troubleshooting. A decade of product management in the software industry taught me how to think about online business. My own passion projects have taught me about WordPress, SEO, online marketing, and more.

When you work with me, you get more than just a WordPress freelancer. You’re getting a full-service consultant who can build your site, teach you how to run it, and make strategic recommendations based on your specific business goals.

No Project is Too Big or Small

I love to make sure my clients are getting the full picture, whether we’re working on a big project or a small one.

Small budget? I completely understand. When we’re hustling to get our passion projects up and running, we don’t have money to burn. I can work with any budget to give you the highest possible value in a short period of time. Perhaps a few quick fixes, an hour or two of online WordPress coaching, and a curated list of DIY resources will be enough to power you over the wall and onto the next stage.

Larger projects are welcome too. Starting from scratch? I can build you a reliable, scalable, growth-ready WordPress website that includes all the best practices of SEO, page speed, security, and more. There are a million WordPress developers out there, but most don’t understand the world of blogging and small business, or have the big picture view needed to set a new site up for long-term success.

What I Don’t Do

The world of WordPress consulting is big and confusing. Many people offer different skillsets at different levels of expertise, but often use similar words to describe themselves, making it hard to know who to hire.

If you ask me to do something that’s not in my wheelhouse, I’ll tell you. I love learning new things, but clients shouldn’t have to pay for it. For clarity, here are a few things that I don’t currently do:

  • Custom visual and graphic design (I work from designers’ mockups or a starter theme)
  • Backend WordPress development, like fully custom themes
  • Complex e-commerce sites

If you’re unsure whether I’m the right fit for your project, just ask. If I’m not the best person to work on it, I can help you figure out who is.

Contact Me

If you need some WordPress expertise in your life, even just a little bit, let’s talk! Get in touch through the form below, tell me about your project and what you need, and I’ll be in touch with some ideas for how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you, learning about the project you are sharing with the world, and figuring out how I can help you move it forward.

How can I help?

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